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  • vwd
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    Potential issues & side-effects with having an abstract (parent) Page Controller. Link to this post


    I have implemented an abstract page controller of a parent page class, since I want the children to implement the abstract functions.

    So far everything seems to be working well. But can you anticipate any issues or side-effects of having abstract parent page controllers?

    Parent Page with abstract Page_Controller:

    class MyParentPage extends Page {
       // ...

    abstract class MyParentPage_Controller extends Page_Controller {

       abstract protected function myAbstractFunction();
       public function myFunction() {
          // ...
          return $this->myAbstractFunction();

    Child Page

    class MyChildPage extends MyParentPage {
       // …
       private static $hide_ancestor = 'MyParentPage';

    abstract class MyChildPage_Controller extends MyParentPage_Controller {

       protected function myAbstractFunction() {
          return 'Something';



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