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  • martimiz
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    javascript validation error in CMS Link to this post

    I get this javascript error every so often in Firefox 3.0.6 when updating a page (new pagetype) in the CMS (2.3rc3):

    $("Form_EditForm").validateEmailField is not a function

    (I have an emailfield in the CMS for this page - should I not use it here?). After that the CMS hangs on saving the page and it won't save any other pages until I restart the browser. It started to occur after I added a TableField to the CMSFields of the Page. It seems to happen mostly after I update the Page Model. Could all be a coincidence though. Is this a known bug?
    [edit] Found that it happens in IE as well...
    Also I always get this on initial startup (showing the admin login):

    jQuery is not defined http://<mysite>/Security/Login

  • Webbower
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    Re: javascript validation error in CMS Link to this post

    I get the same problem. If I switch the EmailField in the Admin panel for the page type in question, to a TextField and reload the page with ?flush=1, the form works. But that should be the way it's supposed to work. I found the source of the code, but I don't know how to work with the JS library being used. The


    function is being written with the Behaviour JS library and probably using Prototype and I'm a jQuery person. The problem is in the



  • ilyabr
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    Re: javascript validation error in CMS Link to this post

    I had the same problem. After investigating a bit I figured out that I have it only when we have more than one form on a page (with email fields present in more than one as well). It seems to me that there is a bug in Silverstripe (I use 2.3.1):
    line 30 in EmailField.php stores generated javascript in a hash in order to be dumped on the page later; unfortunately it is being stored under constant key (func_validateEmailField), therefore the last form processed overwrites the previous one, and the required javascript function is never created. I got around by adding a unique string to the key (form name), like this:

    Requirements::customScript($jsFunc, 'func_validateEmailField' .'_' . $formID);

    I'll try to submit a bug.

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