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  • bebabeba
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    pagination query result problem. Link to this post

    I write my query in this way.

    function Conn()
           global $db_pandora;
        $record=$db_pandora->query('SELECT * FROM mm_ville');
    { }

    $doSet = new DataObjectSet();
    foreach($rec as $key)
    $record = array(
    'Id' => $key['id'],
    'Nome' => $key['name'],
    'Descrizione' => $this->CutString($key['description'], 100),
    'Foto' => $key['filename']
    $doSet->push(new ArrayData($record));
    return $doSet;

    This show me 25 result. Now I need to divide result in 3 page (10 results every page). My problem is that in this way I create 25 page and all 25 results are repeated in all 25 page. Can you help me to solve this problem and to find my error?
    I think the problem is link to Count() function that find a big number of elemnts. Thanks!

    <% if Conn.MoreThanOnePage %>
    <div id="PageNumbers">
    <% if Conn.NotLastPage %>
    <a class="next" href="$Conn.NextLink" title="View the next page">Next</a>
    <% end_if %>
    <% if Conn.NotFirstPage %>
    <a class="prev" href="$Conn.PrevLink" title="View the previous page">Prev</a>
    <% end_if %>
    <% control Conn.Pages %>
    <% if CurrentBool %>
    <% else %>
    <a href="$Link" title="View page number $PageNum">$PageNum</a>
    <% end_if %>
    <% end_control %>
    <p>Page $Conn.CurrentPage of $Conn.TotalPages</p>
    <% end_if %>

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