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  • Nivanka
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    two widgetareas for a page Link to this post

    I need to have two sidebars, and two widgetareas for them.

    but when I add the two WidgetAreaEditors, the second WidgetAreaEditor doesn't work. I just try to check what has happened and I found that both the WidgetAreaEditors use the same ID WidgetAreaEditor_availableWidgets.

    has anyone got a solution for this?

  • Dramew
    Community Member
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    Re: two widgetareas for a page Link to this post

    Maybe it will be useful for someone.
    The only way to have two sidebars I found at the moment is:

    • Create 2 new classes like:

      class SidebarOne extends Page {
         static $db = array();
         static $has_one= array(
            "SideBar" => "WidgetArea",
      class SidebarTwo extends Page {
         static $db = array();
         static $has_one= array(
            "SideBar" => "WidgetArea",

    • Then you can get them with (put this in Page_Controller):

      /*** Get Widgets to show 'em on a page*/
      public function GetSidebarOne(){
      return DataObject::get_one("SidebarOne");
      public function GetSidebarTwo(){
      return DataObject::get_one("SidebarTwo");

    • In templates use smth like:

      <% if GetSidebarOne %>
         <% control GetSidebarOne %>
         <% end_control %>
      <% end_if %>

    Not sure if it is the best way, but nevertheless.

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