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  • Briohny
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    User Defined Forms Link to this post


    I've built a few SS sites and have the user defined forms working perfectly. I've just downloaded 2.2.3 and have used the user-defined form that came in the sitetree. The form is all good and it appears to be working because it's collecting the submissions in the CMS BUT the submissions are not being emailed through.

    I have the:
    - 'email submission to' set to 'test@test.com'
    - Email::setAdminEmail('test@test.com'); set in my _config.php file

    I'm working off my local WAMP and the php.ini file/SMTP section is set correctly too.

    Any ideas as to why my email submissions aren't being sent??

  • Willr
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    Re: User Defined Forms Link to this post

    I didnt think WAMP supported emailing? http://www.wampserver.com/phorum/read.php?2,48358,48399#msg-48399.

    I think you can do a custom smtp / mail server to do the emails. If you make a test function on your page.php

    // in your Page_Controller
    function testemail() {
    // test mail
    $mail = mail('someaddress@address.com', 'test email', 'test email');

    // test ss email
    $email = new Email('fromme@address.com', 'someaddress@address.com', 'test email', 'test email');
    return $email->send();

    then if you visit http://yoursite.com/home/testemail you should receive 2 emails to someaddress if mail is configured correctly

  • Briohny
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    Re: User Defined Forms Link to this post

    Hey Willr. WAMP used to send emails on an earlier version of SS. Yes, that script worked, but my emails are still not working for my forms.

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