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  • cliersch
    Community Member
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    Encoding problem with email subject line Link to this post

    Hi! Does anybody knows about the email function and the encoding problem?

    I've got a problem with the encoding of the subject line of my send emails.

    It's possible to send an email in utf-8. The body of the email is correctly encoded.
    But it's not working for the "subject" header of the email. I'm receiving broken encoding.

    Something might be wrong with the email header.

    Any idea?

  • denisrosset
    Community Member
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    Re: Encoding problem with email subject line Link to this post

    Dear all,

    I am having the same issue. I don't understand which encoding to use to send email subjects from Silverstripe.

    As a temporary measure, I use the following function to remove most common French characters, but I would like to know how to proceed.

    Warm regards,


       function removeAccents($remove_from)
          // Remove all instances of accents
          $accent_array = array('e' => array('é','è','ê','ë'),
           'E' => array('É','È','Ê','Ë'),
           'a' => array('á','à','â','ä','Ã¥'),
           'A' => array('Á','À','Â','Ä','Ã…'),
           'i' => array('ï','ì','î'),
           'I' => array('Ï','ÃŒ','ÃŽ'),
           'o' => array('ö','ô','ò'),
           'O' => array('Ö','Ô','Ã’'),
           'u' => array('ü','û','ù'),
           'U' => array('Ãœ','Û','Ù')
          foreach($accent_array as $acc_key => $acc_val_array)
                $reg_exp_accent = '';// clear regular expression var
                      $reg_exp_accent .= $acc_val_array[$m].'|';// create the regular expression var
                $reg_exp_accent = substr_replace($reg_exp_accent,"",-1);// remove last '|'
                $remove_from = ereg_replace($reg_exp_accent,$acc_key,$remove_from);
          return $remove_from;

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