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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • Hitch
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    SS & Docuwiki (or other wiki) SSI Integration Link to this post


    Back in September, "SeaEagle1" posted the following, now in the archives:

    I've been hacking around a bit to extend my silverstripe site with a wiki. It's been quite succesfull, as I now have integrated user login and the dokuwiki pages with nice silverstripe menus above it. I figured that there might be more people interested, so attached is a silverstripe plugin, an auth backend file for dokuwiki and some changed template files. To get it running you need to enable rewrite-urls in dokuwiki and create your silverstripe wiki page with the same url as where dokuwiki is located. Now you just skip the rewrite rules for dokuwiki that point to doku.php, as they'll be catched by silverstripe, while images and feeds are handled by dokuwiki directly. in http://silverstripe.org/archive/show/161079#post161079.

    However, the post does not include nor have attached the referenced attachment for the plugin. Does anyone have any further information on this plugin, or any viable alternative to create an SSI wiki? I don't want non-members to create wiki entries, and I most definitely do NOT want multiple sign-ins on the site. Anybody have news on this plugin?



  • jedmtnman
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    Re: SS & Docuwiki (or other wiki) SSI Integration Link to this post

    I am also in search of a more integrated wiki solution in a CMS. I found an old thread that is read-only here http://ssorg.bigbird.silverstripe.com/archive/show/5094?start=0#post5175 and a response from Matt on the core team:
    What would you want to see in an integration of SS and DokuWiki?

    The question was never answered on the thread so I'd like to make the feature request here:

    • Integrated login
    • reference wiki pages from within the site
    • textile and markdown metalanguage parsing

    Currently I use joomla and a wrapper function to accomplish the look of an integrated wiki (mediawiki), but for as popular as they are in the web 2.0 environment, they are amazingly not a standard part of CMS frameworks.

  • zalzadore
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    Re: SS & Docuwiki (or other wiki) SSI Integration Link to this post

    This would be great. I too have a need for an integrated, authenticated Wiki.

    Anyone had any success in creating one with SS?

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