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  • Rawbit
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    Shared SS Codebase .. please advise... Link to this post

    I'm looking to turn SilverStripe into a 'Shared code base'. That is, for all of my projects/clients that will use SilverStripe all pull from one code location on my server. The ultimate advantage being when newer versions and bugfixes are released - I don't have to go to 100 locations to patch - I can simply do it in one place.

    Anyone have some suggestions on how to approach this? I have done this before on another cms, but I want to adhere to SilverStripes architecture as close as possible. Right now am considering creating a new folder in the root called 'sites' that would have a folder for each client/project and the folder name would be their domain name (this is how I've approached this before). Then I'm wondering would it make sense to have a 'mysite' and 'themes' folder in each of these client folders.

    Anyone have any suggestions on this?

    It looks like this is close: http://doc.silverstripe.com/doku.php?id=modules:subsites but its only for subdomains, that and I don't want my client sites to manage their site in the same place as other clients. It would be ok if just I could manage an interface like the Subsites module though, and they didnt have this tab.

  • dab
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    Re: Shared SS Codebase .. please advise... Link to this post

    You may keep cms, sapphire and jsparty in main folder, and upgrade them when you need. You may use links to this folders from your ss site folder. So when you upgrade version in main folder - all your linked folders will be the same. Hope it will helpful.

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