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    Silverstripe and Encoding Link to this post


    I've got a problem and have not found a solution for it in the Forums.

    The Situation: I have a fresh installation of the latest stable Silverstripe 3.2.1 using the BlackCandy theme on IIS 7.

    I open the start page in a browser and everything looks ok.
    I open the Page.ss file and save it without any changes UTF-8 encoded. When I now have a look at the page again with IE, the Page is heavily distorted and looks very ugly. When I have a look at the sources of the generated page, and switch to hex view, I can see that there are some additional non printable chars in front of the file:   (As I'm not sure if they show up correctly in the forum, I'll also give you the hex keys: EF BB BF 20 EF BB BF). When I remove these characters and save the page as html and reopen it in the browser everything is ok. When I save the Page.ss file in ANSI/ASCII everything is ok again.
    The same thing happens whenever I use the _t function (either in Page.php or Page.ss).

    I had an earlier installation of SilverStripe where this problem did not occur, but suddenly I had this problem, and I don't know how to solve it.

    Any ideas?

    Markus Alexander

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