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  • rachelorston
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    Creating a Staging Site Link to this post

    Hello, we just successfully launched our new website using SilverStripe. Moving forward, we want to be able to stage changes and review them prior to publishing to our live site. Does SilverStripe have a "staging" capability? I noticed there is a Draft function, but I am unclear as to how that works. Any information would be very helpful. Thank You.

  • AdamJ
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    Re: Creating a Staging Site Link to this post

    Silverstripe has a staging site that sits side by side with the live site.

    If you make a change to a page, and hit save (not save and publish) and you will notice that the page title will turn green in the site tree on the left. If you then click "Draft Site" in the page view option in the bottom left, you will be able to view the changes to the page, without them being on the live site.

  • Samba Sam
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    Re: Creating a Staging Site Link to this post

    I don't get how the draft site works with draft pages which have not been published yet.
    After I created a page and save it as "save" and not "save and publish", I select the draft site link in lower left.
    Sure enough I see how the page looks; however, now the page is automatically published on the "real" site and I can't unpublish it.
    I have to delete the original page, and create and save it again to unpublish it. What's weird is that the link in the site tree of CMS remains orange even though now it is published on the "real site"?

    I would like to be able to play around with the layout on unpublished pages and see what they look like before publishing them. Do I first unselect "show in menu" in the behavior tab so that they don't appear in the published site (e.g., navigation)?

    Any ideas,
    Sam Miller

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