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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • Double-A-Ron
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    Re: Goodbye Silverstripe? Link to this post

    @nostrad - please don't put words in my mouth. I said SS is going thru growing pains in terms of community participation, not that "SS needs to grow up". One sounds alot harsher than the other.

    @aram - I never mentioned support in the official sense, so all those numbers are irrelevant. I was referring to forum assistance. All of this, except for two posts I think, came from other EE users. EE ofcourse has official channels for support, as it is indeed a commercial product, however I was not using them at the time. Forums were all I needed and the response was almost strictly community driven.

    This is more a case of a mature product vs maturing product than it is an open source vs commercial product. You will find a similar pattern on Drupal and Joomla! forums. It's just basic power in numbers, but I do feel (maybe wrongly) that the retention rate of new Silverstripers may be quite low for several reasons, mainly the ones mentioned above.

    One of the things I do in these forums when looking around is check out posts with no replies further down the chronological list. There is nothing more off-putting when looking at a new system than talking to yourself when you need help. I don't always have the answers though. But I want people to stick with it, I want more participation. Down the track, it's better for everyone here.

    Anyway, this discussion has gone a little out of context now. I think the $25 idea for helping with Docs is a great idea, and am willing to donate if an official channel is setup.


  • Artyom
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    Re: Goodbye Silverstripe? Link to this post

    @nostrad: with the 80%, I was simply reporting my experience, probably since many of the issues I encountered on a first project are straightforward and not esoteric.

    Regardless, I think a donation fund for a an ongoing documentation project would be a *very* good idea.

    And please understand, this is as much a call to the community to contribute as it is a call to SS to make it more of a funding and manpower priority. We all should be ready to point out potential fold-backs into the doc, mistakes, out of date entries, etc. It's a "we" thing! ; - )



  • Aram
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    Re: Goodbye Silverstripe? Link to this post

    @ Double-a-ron - True they are not directly connected, but I am pretty sure with a marketing budget of even $1million silverstripe could get a huge number of people into the forum to which would mean more unofficial support. Anyway I take your point.

    I am definately up for donating some money, not just for docs but to get some persistent and pretty important tickets out the way. We could have a Blue Peter style 'thermomiter' scale showing progress towards a required sum I guess we would need to spend some time working out just how much money would be needed to resolve these issues and then set a target with people being able to contribute as little or as much as they can afford?

  • schellmax
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    Re: Goodbye Silverstripe? Link to this post

    $25 from me too, just give me a 'donate' button!
    for the wishlist, i'd personally love to see some community voting function in the bug tracker, so the relevance of a ticket for the community can be evaluated (which can at the moment be identified vaguely by the number of posts on an issue in the forum...)

  • designerdre
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