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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • marcelluseasley
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    Custom Page Sections Link to this post

    I am getting started with SilverStripe, so I am not sure about something. I want to create a site with multiple pages (of course). On some pages, I want different sections, or columns. Is there some way to have the template system insert certain "chunks" of text from the backend.

    For example if I have a two column page. One of the columns will be %Content, I guess. If I want the second column to contain something like hours operation or just different random info, how would I go about setting that up in the backend and what template command would I include in the .ss file?

  • FungshuiElephant
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    Re: Custom Page Sections Link to this post

    You can have two columns of static content by creating a custom page type.
    You can have a page with one column of static content and a second area of random content by using the random content widget.
    Neither of these options is straight-forward or obvious to do, but at least you know that it can be done in Silverstripe.

    I recommend starting out with the general tutorials:
    You'll have a good grasp of all things Silverstripe if you complete them. They're pretty gentle but allow days rather than hours to get your head round it all.

    It will require a minimal amount of programming to do what you want in addition to CSS stuff to get your page looking right.

    Good luck.

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