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  • TerryMiddleton
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    ForgotPassword Form Link to this post

    Okay, as I gain more understanding of SS, I'm starting to think on my own. Great strides.

    Here is what I'm thinking and wonder if I'm headed in the right direction.

    On my login form, I've changed the CSS to position it and display it the way the designer/customer wanted it. Looks good.

    Because of this, when I click on ForgotPassword or the email/password I enter is incorrect, I get a form shown in the content area that was styled for another background and look and feel.

    Would I need to create a new ForgotPassword form (ForgotPasswordForm2.php) and place it in the mysite/code directory and then call it when somone clicks on ForgotPassword?

    What do you think? Here's the site in action.

    Click on Login and ForgotPassword to see what I'm talking about.


    PS. I'm getting extremely close to finishing up the final items on this site and can launch. Very exciting! SS truly does rock once you get your head around it.

  • Double-A-Ron
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    Re: ForgotPassword Form Link to this post

    I usually do all this styling by using Firebug to find the class or ID of the element, and just changing the CSS to suit.

    e.g. The login error message is styled using the following:

    form.css (line 116)
    #HeaderLogin .message {
    border:4px solid #FF7373;
    margin:1em 0;

    layout.css (line 198)
    #Header p {
    margin:0 0 0 100px;

    Not sure about the forgot password form in your case, nothing is displayed when I use it. But that form can be styled the same way. Just be carefull that the changes you make when styling forms don't have an adverse effect on your other forms.


  • donjoao
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    Re: ForgotPassword Form Link to this post


    I dont have much information but its helpful to the members who has forget theit password and they can click & get it.

    thanks a lot


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