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  • Anaya
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    Different page types under ArticleHolder Page type Link to this post

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to add Page, Calendar and ArticlePage page types under ArticleHolder page type.
    But dont want ArticlePages in my left navigation...

    1. Following is the code used in ArticleHolder.php =>
    class ArticleHolder extends Page {
    static $db = array(
    static $has_one = array(

    static $allowed_children = array("Page", "Calendar");

    2. To add articles on ArticleHolder page - following code is used in ArticleHolder.ss =>

    <% control Articles %>
       <div id="NewsListL">
       <div id="NewsListR">
    <a href="$Link" title="Read more on &quot;{$Title}&quot;" class="title">$Title</a><br/>
    <span class="newsDate">$Date.Nice</span><br/>
    $Content.FirstParagraph <a href="$Link" title="Read more on &quot;{$Title}&quot;">Read more &gt;&gt;</a>
       <div class="clear"></div>
       <% end_control %>

    3. And in Page.php - I am using following code =>

    function Articles() {
    return DataObject::get('ArticlePage');

    4. Code in Sidebar.ss =>

    <% control Menu(2) %>
    <% if Children %>
    <a href="$Link" title="$Title" class="$LinkingMode">$MenuTitle<span class="greenArrow">&raquo;</span></a>
    <% if LinkOrSection = section %>
       <ul id="SidebarMenu1">
          <% control Children %>
             <li><a href="$Link" title="$Title" class="$LinkingMode"><span>$MenuTitle</span></a></li>
          <% end_control %>
    <% end_if %>
    <% else %>
    <a href="$Link" title="$Title" class="$LinkingMode"><span>$MenuTitle</span></a>
    <% end_if %>
    <% end_control %>

    Is there any way not to include Article pages in left navigation on ArticleHolder page or any of its sub pages????

    Kind Regards

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