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  • webcook
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    Urgent help in form with widget Link to this post

    Hi experts,

    i need urgent help from you.

    I need to develop one widget .The widget having one SimpleImageField with form..

    I cant able to see the browse button.

    i create the widget with help of the below link..

    please advice me to get the browser button on my widget.

    here with attached my coding..


    * A widget showing a subscribe form for a newsletter
    class YourWidget extends Widget {
    // ... do your other normal widget stuff ...

    static $title = 'Name';
    static $cmsTitle = 'Description';
    static $description = 'Adds HTML content to the widget sidebar. <br />(Save and refresh the page if you cannot see the text editor field.)';

    function Title() {
    return $this->WidgetTitle ? $this->WidgetTitle : self::$title;
    function Form() {
    $controller = new YourWidget_Controller($this);
    return $controller->Form();

    * Controller supporting forms on widgets
    * Note: the widgets shouldn't be used on secure pages for private forms - that kind of security isn't implemented
    class YourWidget_Controller extends Controller {
    protected $widget;

    function __construct($widget = null) {
    if($widget) $this->widget = $widget;
    function widget() {
    if($this->widget) return $this->widget;
    else if(is_numeric($this->urlParams['ID'])) return $this->widget = DataObject::get_by_id('Widget', $this->urlParams['ID']);
    else user_error('No widget selected', E_USER_ERROR);
    function Link() {
    return $this->class;

    function Form() {
    // ... This can be whatever form you like ...
    $widgetform = new WidgetForm($this, 'Form', new FieldSet(
    // ... Put your fields in here ...
    new SimpleImageField (
    $name = "FileTypeID",
    $title = "Upload your FileType"
    ), new FieldSet(
    new FormAction('doAction', 'Submit')
    return $widgetform;
    function doAction($data, $form) {
    // ... Do your thing, just like a normal SilverStripe form

    // ... This is a good way of giving feedback to the user about the submission. A message will be shown above the form.

    $this->Form()->sessionMessage("Thanks for submitting my form", "good");

    in admin side my widget show empty.like this

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