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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • biapar
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    SS and other PHP Framework Link to this post


    Is it possible to use SS with other PHP Framework ( Zend Components, CakePHP/CodeIgninter, ecc ), too?

  • schellmax
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    Re: SS and other PHP Framework Link to this post

    we're currently planning to have both zend framework and silverstripe in one project. this to have the power of zends template rendering combined with the ease-of-use of silverstripe cms. for this purpose, zend pulls the cms content directly from the mysql-db.

    using another framework then sapphire as a base for the silverstripe cms is something i can't imagine - too much sapphire-specific code.

    i'd also be interested in comments of others who already tried somethink alike?

  • Ben Gribaudo
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    Re: SS and other PHP Framework Link to this post

    It would be neat to see a clean way to do this. Maybe there could be a set of modules integrating different frameworks with SilverStripe.

  • CrazyCoders
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    Re: SS and other PHP Framework Link to this post

    It's important first of all to understand the concepts of frameworks. There are basically two types of frameworks (although they don't have names for sure, here is my personnal opinion)

    #1 The class framework

    The class framework is just a set of classes that can be put atop any other site or CMS or framework because it doesn't direct the flow of operations at all. It is still considered a framework because it proposes ways to work correctly and saves you time not reinventing the wheel. Zend Framework is such a framework...

    #2 The directionnal approach framework

    These frameworks are more of a class library that actually forces you to use their approach by also integrating into the code a control of the flow of operations. A lot of CMSs or frameworks use this method. For example, SS, Prado, Yii, Quado all use an approach based off mod_rewrite (or something similar) to actually catch the request from the user.

    The request caught is then analysed and several mechanisms are used to bind everything together, in the case of SS, the code, templates, css, javascript are all bound together for you and sent back to the user for more requests.

    The big difference

    You cannot mix two #2 directionnal approach frameworks together because they are not made to live together in the same space. They both try to take over the first and are not meant to discuss together to get the best of both (that would account to a fusion anyway)

    Can we mix ZF and SS? Yes, because Zend is a simple class framework that doesn't force a pattern while SS does. Can we mix Prado or Quado and SS, nope, they all use their own directionnal approach...

    I hope this has cleared some questions!

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