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    Hello Everybody,

    i am looking for some Help how and if it is possible to do what i plan.
    I have an existing SS Project online. Currently it is a typically CMS Project.

    Now there should be a Registration Form and a Login.
    The Admin should activate or deactivate the Registered User.

    If the User is logged in he sould be able to update certain Fields of his Profile.
    Name, Business Infos and 3 Images.
    This user should be available through a Sitenavigation AND by the URL made by his name.
    As the Users are Doctors or Physiotherapists the name of the bureau.

    For example: www.domain.com/dr_john_doe - i think i need to have a Page bevor the Name to work with GET Parameters right?
    If yes it could be www.domain.com/partner/dr_john_doe

    But what to do with more than one dr_john_doe?

    Hopefully somebody can help me with that one here.


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