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  • Jontech
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    Error when uploading images Link to this post

    Our hosting company recently got bought out by another, and therfore all our sites moved to the new host. This has caused lots of problems with all the Silverstripe sites. We have fixed them all but one. Getting an error message when trying to upload an image through the CMS. Here is the complete error log:

    Error: Folder::addUploadToFolder() File is not a valid upload
    At line 215 in /home/Salutcon/domains/salut.co.nz/public_html/sapphire/filesystem/Folder.php

    user_error(Folder::addUploadToFolder() File is not a valid upload,256)
    line 215 of Folder.php

    line 200 of AssetAdmin.php

    line 238 of Controller.php

    line 119 of Director.php

    line 158 of main.php

    Any help or suggerstions greatly appreciated!

  • Roweena
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    Re: Error when uploading images Link to this post

    Hi did you resolve this? I'm having a similar problem, webhost has just changed everyone's FTP settings to TLS and now none of my SS installations can upload images...getting "File is not a valid upload".

  • dalesaurus
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    Re: Error when uploading images Link to this post

    Can you folks provide your SS version information? Tracing that error I can see that you aren't running the latest, 2.3.3.

    Also this sounds like a core permissions issue, see http://us.php.net/move_uploaded_file and ensure you have the right masks/perms set on your hosts AND that the permissions are recursive through all subdirs of /assets/.

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