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  • dizzystuff
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    Hi Guys

    I'm moving my first site over to SilverStripe and have come across something I can't quite figure out.

    In the current CMS, underneath a node in the site tree I can add files - PDFs specifically. Which means then that in the navigation the CMS generates, the submenu items under that top level menu node all link directly to pdf files. I'll be changing that soon heh, but for the immediate conversion, I need to replicate this behaviour.

    You can see what I'm talking about, under the Referrals menu on http://www.rehwork.com.au.

    Can I replicate this in SilverStripe? To date I've been a CF coder, but have begun moving most of my sites to PHP and into SilverStripe ... I'm still getting my head around it all. Help, asap, would be very appreciated!!

    PS - you'll see on the site mentioned above that these navigation links that are links to assets have "target=_blank", opening them in a new window. Can we do this in SilverStripe too?

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