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  • aidanodr
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    The Blog - adding to new custom theme .. help! Link to this post

    Hi Guys,

    I am a bit at sea. I want to add a blog to my site:


    I have followed Aram Balakjian tutorial at - http://www.ssbits.com/building-a-theme-from-a-static-template/

    To set up just the side menu I used some code from the NATUREWEB4 Theme - http://www.silverstripe.org/natureweb4/

    I think I have the basic site set up OK. I downloaded the BLOG extention, unzipped, uploaded same. Then I "dev/build?flush=1" my url above.

    Now go here - http://www.netactivesolutions.net/stripe/blog/

    Note a warning error. I looked this up here at the forum and found that if I changed the SSVIEWER.PHP round line 277 from:

    return file_get_contents(SSViewer::getTemplateFile($identifier));


    return (SSViewer::getTemplateFile($identifier)) ? file_get_contents(SSViewer::getTemplateFile($identifier)) : '';

    It gets rid of this error. THIS IS true, but then I am left with a BLANK CONTENT Area for the blog.

    Could somebody PLEASE tell me the undocumented proceedure for adding a blog. LIKE it seems one also needs to add a "subtheme" for a blog:

    Main theme is /abcd/
    Blog Subtheme is /abcd_blog/

    If one does not do this the blog reverts to the default overall page.ss to style?

    So - what goes into the blog subtheme folder? Can one copy say the Blackcandy_blog subtheme and rename/use this for your own custom theme?

    Though Maybe I have made a dogs dinner of this too, the way I have built the site


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