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  • kudesign
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    v2.3.2 multi language switcher on template problem Link to this post

    I got multi language to work in v2.3.2, and now trying to set up the 'available language' code in my template:

    <% if Translations %>
    <ul class="translations">
    <% control Translations %>
    <li class="$Locale.RFC1766">
    <a href="$Link" hreflang="$Locale.RFC1766"
    <% sprintf(_t('SHOWINPAGE','Show page in %s'),$Locale.Nice)%>
    <% end_control %>
    <% end_if %>

    After applying this code into my template, I could not get it to read properly, this is what I see on my live pages:

    <% sprintf(_t('SHOWINPAGE','Show page in %s'),)%>

    How do I change this to say 'See this page in English' or 'See the page in <the language available>'

    This is what my page look like now: http://www.nisglass.co.nz/glass/home-3/

    Hope someone can help me out here, cheers!!

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