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  • ChrisBryer
    Community Member
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    2.3.3 upgrade error Link to this post

    hi everyone,
    I am trying to upgrade my multi-lingual website from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3. i swapped out the folders CMS, Sapphire, jsparty, and googlesitemaps, and receive this error on dev/build:

    [Warning] call_user_func(Array) [function.call-user-func]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback
    GET /mylocalhostsite/dev/build

    Line 67 in C:\wamp\www\mylocalhostsite\sapphire\core\model\DataObjectDecorator.php


    * call_user_func(Array)
    Line 67 of DataObjectDecorator.php
    * DataObjectDecorator::load_extra_statics(SiteTree,)
    Line 305 of DataObject.php
    * DataObject->defineMethods()
    Line 500 of Object.php
    * Object->__construct()
    Line 209 of DataObject.php
    * DataObject->__construct(,1)
    * ReflectionClass->newInstanceArgs(Array)
    Line 115 of Object.php
    * Object::strong_create(SiteTree,,1)
    Line 262 of Core.php
    * singleton(SiteTree)
    Line 187 of DatabaseAdmin.php
    * DatabaseAdmin->doBuild(,1)
    Line 100 of DatabaseAdmin.php
    * DatabaseAdmin->build()
    Line 135 of DevelopmentAdmin.php
    * DevelopmentAdmin->build(HTTPRequest)
    Line 129 of RequestHandler.php
    * RequestHandler->handleRequest(HTTPRequest)
    Line 122 of Controller.php
    * Controller->handleRequest(HTTPRequest)
    Line 277 of Director.php
    * Director::handleRequest(HTTPRequest,Session)
    Line 121 of Director.php
    * Director::direct(/dev/build)
    Line 118 of main.php

    is anyone else getting this error? any idea on how to fix it?


  • UndefinedOffset
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    Re: 2.3.3 upgrade error Link to this post

    Ya I'm seeing this exact error as well, just since the upgrade to 2.3.3. No multi-lingual here though just English and it's from upgrading from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3.

  • UndefinedOffset
    Community Member
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    Re: 2.3.3 upgrade error Link to this post

    Seems to be something to do with this api change

    [79430] #4255 sharvey: !DataObjectDecorator::extraStatics() can no longer refer to $this because it's called staticly (Merged via: r81698)

  • Sean
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: 2.3.3 upgrade error Link to this post

    Hi guys,

    Yes - we've noticed this too. This is something we unfortunately didn't catch before releasing SS 2.3.3.

    The bug was introduced by these changesets:


    The bug was fixed in these changesets for the 2.3 development branch:


    These fixes should make the next SS release, which will be 2.3.4.

    In the mean time, if you want to fix your 2.3.3 installation, simply apply the above 5 changes to the SS files where you've installed it to.

    Technically speaking, the issue was caused by FilesystemPublisher that has it's own __construct() method, but it didn't call parent::__construct() - thus breaking the assumption set by DataObject that it would.


  • ChrisBryer
    Community Member
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    Re: 2.3.3 upgrade error Link to this post

    works great! thanks Sean!

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