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  • dab
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    Strange comments behaviour. Link to this post

    Hello there.
    Get strange comments data attached to comments metadata, look at screenshot.
    And after adding comment - page redirects to new one, with comment id in URL,
    and this redirection cuts whole page, until this comment, why so?
    You may try how this happens by yourself here -> http://kunstforum.as/psykedelisk-opplevelse-i-fargesprakende-labyrint/
    try to post comments and look how redirection happens.

    Need advice. Thank you.

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  • Willr
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    Re: Strange comments behaviour. Link to this post

    Because you have spam protection enabled ajax commenting is disabled. This is why you are seeing a redirect.

    The system is designed so after you post a comment you are redirected back down to your comment so you can make sure it has been added correctly. You can see where this redirect takes place by looking in the PageCommentInterface.php class - about line 300 it redirects to the given ID

  • dab
    Community Member
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    Re: Strange comments behaviour. Link to this post

    Thank you, Willr.

    What about strange numbers near comments date?

    Posted by Dmitry, 14/08/2009 5:12am (6.000000e+0r siden)

    And i still dont understand how it is possible to cut page content while linking to specified id.
    Did you saw it?

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