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  • Bapfi
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    Re: Login Problem Link to this post

    And how can I do that, willr? Sorry, I'm a noob at Silverstripe. ;)

  • Hamish
    Community Member
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    Re: Login Problem Link to this post

    I think he means in your URL bar, in your browser.

  • biapar
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: Login Problem Link to this post

    I've same problem. I'm not entering into CMS in any way ( I've added Security::setDefaultAdmin in my _config.php, also ).
    Browser give me login page...


  • ImacSS
    Community Member
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    Re: Login Problem Link to this post

    This is a bug. The log in as someone else feature was adding in 2.3.2 and it does not always redirect successfully. All you need to do is edit the url to site.com/admin again and you should be in the admin panel.

    I am currently experiencing this behavior on a client's SS 2.4.2 website, and it is less than optimal when they are trying to gain access to the CMS admin.

    Has a resolution to this bug been found? It would be nice if the post-login redirect actually worked again. As it is now, once they enter in the url of "http://<DOMAIN>/admin" - it takes them to the login form - they login successfully, but it just loads up the login form page again with the "You're logged in as..." message with a button to login as someone else - without ever redirecting back to the CMS admin.

    Any assistance on this would be helpful - do I need to create a login form decorator object to handle this?

    Requiring the client to modify the URL after they login is kind of gludgey.

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