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  • scpi
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    Unexpected behavior from Menu() in templates Link to this post

    I'm using Menu(3) in my templates to display local navigation, and I'm getting several menus rendered on a single page. That's not exactly what I was expecting, and I can't figure out what's happening from looking at the docs.

    My site is broken up into five main sections, each section has several sub-categories, and all my content lives in those categories. I'm three levels down in the tree, so I use Menu(3) navigation within a given section. What I get is the correct navigation menu for the page I'm looking at, plus the menus for siblings of the category I'm in. Is this normal behavior for Menu(), or have I done something horribly wrong?

    For example, if my tree looks like this...

    |+ Widgets
    |-+ Airplane widgets
    |--- airwidget1
    |--- airwidget2
    |-+ Submarine widgets
    |--- subwidget1
    |--- subwidget2
    |+ Doodads
    |+ Sprockets
    |+Psychic consultation
    |+Rocket surgery

    ...then when I'm in the Airplane Widgets section I get the proper menu for that section, but I also get the menu for the Submarine Widgets section.

  • scpi
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    Re: Unexpected behavior from Menu() in templates Link to this post

    I never did get Menu() working the way I thought it should. I just realized that I could get the results I wanted using <% control Level(3) %> instead of <% control Menu(3) %>.

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