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  • Jono
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    I have just started using SilverStripe, I really like it but their is one thing I'm really struggling to get my head around. The site I'm building has 3 promotional panels at the bottom of the page. The client would like to be able to add and remove promotional panels from a master list and then on each page of content select which 3 promotional panels display on that particular page.

    I have figured out how on page contents to add three drop downs to choose the promotional panels, what i can't figure out is what is the best approach to store these and maintain them? Do you create a page e.g. 'Promotions', set it not to show in nav and then add sub pages for each of the promotions? Do you use the ModelAdmin? Is their something else I can use?

    Any pointers would be really appreciated.


  • zenmonkey
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    Re: Sitewide content (snippets) Link to this post

    Well you could use the DataObjectManager.

    Add a DataObjectManager (DOM for short) to your Page class that would contain the Promos. Then have your drop downs pull from that DataObject. This would save you creating the promos in the tree.

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