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  • entercow
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    Making Image SRC's Absolute in Body Content Link to this post

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to make my image tags inside $Content appear with absolute links - so instead of

    <img src='assets/Uploads/img.jpg'>

    I'd like

    <img src='http://www.website.com/assets/Uploads.img.jpg'>

    I was hoping the AbsoluteLinks() function - $Content.AbsoluteLinks - would do this, but it just adjusts the hrefs. Is there a quick and easy way to handle this?


  • Hamish
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    Re: Making Image SRC's Absolute in Body Content Link to this post

    Ironically, the code for Image->getURL() his this comment:

    * @todo Refactor to return absolute URL like {@link File}

    So, at some point this might be fixed. For now, you'll have to write it out in your template, using the base tag and relative url:

    <img src='{$Top.BaseHref}/{$URL}' />

    (Not tested, FYI)

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