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  • patjnr
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    Sorting Languages Link to this post


    i have a multilingual website with 4 translations ie de, fr, it, en. and im populating a drop down with all the available languages..

    <% if Translations %>
    <FORM NAME="form2">
    <SELECT NAME="select" >
    <% control Translations %>
    <OPTION <% if current %>selected<% end_if %> VALUE="$link"><% sprintf(_t('SHOWINPAGE',' %s'),$name) %></option>
    <% end_control %>
    <% end_if %>

    this is producing all languages in this order;


    Now how do i sort these languages, i want english to come last of this list.


  • CodeGuerrilla
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    Re: Sorting Languages Link to this post

    I would also like to know how to do this, I have looked at overloading Translatable::getTraslations but don't really see a way to do this as the language name is in the _config.php file and stored in: i18n::$common_locales, I also don't understand in which order they are currently appearing am guessing is the order the translations were created in the CMS? As it does not appear the order is by locale or by the order of $common_locales array.

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