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  • kevino
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    Limiting RSS output results Link to this post

    I've set up a RestfulService function to output an RSS feed, which works fine.

    It's pretty much as described in the documentation here:

    I've tried to modify the code myself to limit the number of results displayed to 5 instead of the 20 or so which are in the incoming feed.

    My code looks like this currently:

       // Accepts an RSS feed URL and outputs a list of links from it
       function RestfulLinks($url){
          $feed = new RestfulService($url);
    $feedXML = $feed->request()->getBody();
    $result = $feed->getValues($feedXML, 'channel', 'item');
    $output = '';
          foreach ($result as $key => $value) {
             // Fix quote encoding
             $description = str_replace('"', '"', $value->description);
             $output .= '<li><a href="'.$value->link.'">'.$value->title.'</a><br />'.$description.'</li>';
          return $output ->getRange(0,5);

    I get the error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getRange() on a non-object in /mysite/code/Page.php on line 87
    (line 87 is the "return $output ->getRange(0,5);")

    Can anyone suggest which direction I should be going?


  • dalesaurus
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    Re: Limiting RSS output results Link to this post

    $output is a php primitive string type, no such function exists (a string is not an object).

    Remove that ->getRange() call, or use an appropriate method for a string if you need to do some kind of formatting. If you only want to first 5 of those use a for($i=0; $i<5;$i++){} loop instead of foreach

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