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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • banal
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    Re: Custom upload directory Link to this post

    Hi Aaron

    Of course you're right. I didn't read your code very carefully and was under the impression that you use Folder::findOrMake($this->URLSegment) each time "onBeforeWrite" is being called. Sorry, maybe it's because of the lacking indentation ;)

    Changed my code in the previous example to use 'Folder' instead of 'File'.

    The onBeforeWrite function on the DataObject would simply ensure that the file is located in the designated folder (defined by it's "holder" Page).

  • Double-A-Ron
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    Re: Custom upload directory Link to this post

    Gotcha, cheers for that.

    Yeah, it's strange. Copies from Dreamweaver to forum code blocks maintain indents. But from PHPEd to forum code blocks, the look fine, but they lose the tabs when I submit.

    Cheers mate.

  • torleif2
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    Re: Custom upload directory Link to this post

    Custom upload folders are set by changing the ParentID of the file. The following code will save an image to the server, and set the folder name to 'Articles', then write it to the database:

    $ImageFile = new Image();
    $ImageFile->ParentID = Folder::findOrMake('Articles')->ID;

    (Note: there's a bug in SS 2.4.1 that makes loadUploadedImage() unusable. My image class is actually extends Image, with a overwritten loadUploadedImage function)

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