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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • biapar
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    Silverstripe and Intranet Company Web Site Link to this post

    A question:

    How much is SS good for building an Intranet Web Site Company where there are informations, appointments and file/docs repository or may be forms with authorization workflows?

    thank you

  • juandavidgc
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    Re: Silverstripe and Intranet Company Web Site Link to this post


    In my experience Silver it's perfect to work with simple webs and for more complex webs like intranets. Saphire is a very extensible and modular framework. Since I know SilverStripe I hadn't worked with another framework, I recommend it 100%. If you have any doubts just write a post!

    Good luck!

  • Double-A-Ron
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    Re: Silverstripe and Intranet Company Web Site Link to this post

    You'll do quite a bit of extending to get Silverstripe to do everything you listed, but as juan said, the Sapphire framework is pretty powerful for getting the tricky stuff like that done very rapidly.

    As an example, I have just spent around 4 weeks developing a site (solo dev) that serves content (obviously), has a registration and login system, a content subscription ecommerce cart and checkout, and protected PDF downloads for members who have paid for them.

    There aren't many systems out there that I could do that with AND get a very intuitive CMS backend to manage the whole lot out of the box.

    If the CMS backend is not overly important to your needs, or doesn't suit them, then you could also look at one of the dedicated Frameworks such as CakePHP, Symfony or Zend (these are a bit more mature than Sapphire IMO). But using these systems means you're pretty much building the entire system from scratch. (Perhaps with the exception of Symfony, which has a admin generator)

    Frankly, I've been building with SS for around 2 years now, and every new project I do, and every version that is released, I feel more and more that the system can handle pretty much any application.


  • Harley
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    Re: Silverstripe and Intranet Company Web Site Link to this post


    I've only been using Silverstripe since the start of this summer, I'm pretty confident that all my sites from now on will be built using silverstripe. I'm not an expert with CMS systems but the thing I enjoy most with Silverstripe as a designer is that the front end is completey seperate from the backend which makes things a hell of a lot easier to work with. Websites that would have taken me weeks to develop can be thrown together over a weekend and ready for the client by the Monday.

    The place where I work has a 20,000 page website and a CMS system by one of the larger commercial CMS companies, which to be honest in my opinion doesn't quite cut the cheese like SS does. To update the website templates is a major hassle as the backend and front end are welded together, so template updates are only done as new versions of the CMS are rolled out. Count your lucky stars, haha!

    Good luck with your SS projects, you won't look back

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