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  • ianpiper
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    Observations on login process on host and local machines Link to this post

    Hi all,

    This is not so much a query for help as for insight if anyone has any.

    I have a site that I have been running under ss2.3.0 for months. When I upgraded my Mac to Snow Leopard I decided to download a copy of the site from the host to my local machine to do some work on it. To my surprise I found that I couldn't log in as admin. I used the temporary dodge of hard-coding the admin login into mysite/_config.php and that got me in with the right password.

    So then I reset the admin password (to the same value in fact, though with the salt and all these were naturally stored in the Member table with new values). I could then log in using the normal login form.

    It looks to me as though Snow Leopard is processing the login form in a different way to the Linux server that is managing the hosted copy. I seem to remember reading that Snow Leopard does something funny with php old_password but can't find anything about it now. Anyway, I'm using MAMP 1.8 so that shouldn't be an issue, right?

    I've got a workaround, but I'd still be interested in knowing why a username/password combination that worked on the Linux-based host doesn't work on my local MAMP-hosted copy.

    Any insights will be most welcome.


  • dalesaurus
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    Re: Observations on login process on host and local machines Link to this post

    You've been bitten by the currently-known-but-not-fixed-in-2.3 bug with password hashing:

    Basically the hash doesn't line up when you upgrade or change your webserver.


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