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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • Bec
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    Newbie with some questions... Link to this post

    Hi Guys,

    My current website is using joomla but frankly I am sick of their lack of support so am looking for new software, just got told about silverstripe so came over for a look but I would love to hear from the current users on what makes this software better than the other ones out there....

    Are the updates regular or is the software pretty stable (not much hacking)? overall is the support pretty good and what about add-ons and such, easy to use? many options for templates? great seo?

    have had a look at the showcase section and must admit that the sites look pretty good but just with so many options out there I would love to hear from the current users...

    any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.

    off to have a looksie around the site ;-)



  • ttyl
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    Re: Newbie with some questions... Link to this post

    I'm a newbie as well, but I chose silverstripe because I like to write PHP. If you don't know how to code in PHP and write SQL I wouldn't suggest this system. If 'LAMP stack' is something you'd expect to find at an Ikea I would run in the other direction,

    as for support, I've found one book and it is alright, not great as far as coding books go. the documentation on the site is alright as well, but isn't spectacular. as far as the forums - so I've found people to be very helpful, and all my questions have been answered, but they aren't as fast-paced as projects with larger communities (ie drupal) so you may have to wait for a reply.

    - t

  • Dave L
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    Re: Newbie with some questions... Link to this post

    Hi Bec,

    Some opinions here... http://silverstripe.org/general-questions/show/272364


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