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  • jamesb
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    Error Page 404 - Displays HTML Source Partial Compile Link to this post

    Hi All, having bizarre problem with Error Pages on 2.3.3 when calling random page name instead of 404 page compiled in HTML i am getting source code from line 200 until end of document. Other times it partially compiles html but leaves whole top section but includes footer.

    Can sometimes be coaxed into working for some reason if FTP program is connected to assets/error-404.html open for 'Hot Fixing' via sourcecode viewer. Have tried usual delete of page-not-found and database flush.

    Any ideas??? More of an annoyance rather than anything else. This problem is across multiple templates including default SS.

    P.S. assets/error-404.html is fully compiled after delete and flush but still displays partial compile(IE) or source code (FF)

  • dalesaurus
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    Re: Error Page 404 - Displays HTML Source Partial Compile Link to this post

    Whoa, trippy. Have you checked the mime types that are coming back in the headers? Or is the .html page being rendered with PHP code in it? Have you set a custom error page in the CMS with any kind of odd content?

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