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What you need to consider when choosing a hosting provider and plan.

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  • alexanm
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    Needed memory Link to this post


    are there any informations about the memory consumption of the silverstripe admin? I have only about 55 Megabytes of RAM at my provider, and I can't open the sitetree hierarchy because the allowed amount of ram is exceeded...


  • CodeGuerrilla
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    Re: Needed memory Link to this post

    in sapphire/_config.php

    ini_set('memory_limit', '64M'); // or higher I have used 128M on some of our hosts

    or try php.ini in root of site note you may need the following line in your site roots .htaccess to allow this config for all directories in your site

    .htaccess (optional)

    SetEnv PHPRC <full path to web root eg: /home/username/public_html/>


    memory_limit = 64M # or higher

    If this doesnt work try adding this to your site roots .htaccess


    php_value memory_limit 64M # or higher

    Hope this helps.

  • wedwo
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    Re: Needed memory Link to this post

    Yeah, I came across this when trying to build a site with a free web provider. I tried so many but they often set the php memory_limit to 16/24Mb and that just puts a halt to SS. Obviously they want to conserve resources and sell you a bigger package but they don't realize that by not being able to setup a site (and by not advertising this point) they are actually driving business away. I can give you a handful of providers that I ended up so frustrated with after installing SS (and not being allowed to run phpinfo() to see the parameters) only to discover that the memory_limit was too low.

    So far I haven't had success in finding a free provider to host SS - the closest I came was 000webhost.com but even they don't support excapeshellarg() which is required when adding a user under the security module.

    I'm currently trying x10hosting.com and will report back on them but I have my doubts - another one that hides these details until you have committed alot of time and effort setting up your site.

    While I understand the requirements of SS, I do think it's one of the factors holding it back - having a bunch home users crowing about it like they do Joomla or other CMS that can be run with minimal requirements helps to advertise the product even if they aren't bread and butter clients. There are so many good CMS products out there and from a tech standpoint SS is one of the better ones but don't ask the average user to recognize that. It's a real pity IMO.

    BTW, I'm not a home user but want to host something on the web to show colleagues before I can convince them to purchase web hosting.

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