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What you need to consider when choosing a hosting provider and plan.

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  • Sean
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    SilverStripe Requirements Checker Link to this post

    Hi all,

    I've come up with a tool to help check server configuration prior to installing SilverStripe.

    It's a simple PHP scripts which checks the server it's running on.

    At the moment, it will only check PHP configuration and Apache/IIS rewrite support. It also doesn't provide any recommendations for checks that fail.

    On the to-do list:

    * Different checks for dev/prod environments, e.g. display_errors = Off in php.ini for production environments
    * Database checks (mostly same as what the SilverStripe installer already does)
    * Recommendations for failed assertions, with tips on how to fix them

    I've used it as a playground to test different ways of detecting things like URL rewriting. If checks turn out to work effectively in this tool, they will eventually make their way back into the SilverStripe installer.

    Some things it checks that the SilverStripe installer does not:

    * date.timezone set and valid
    * additional php configuration options that are deprecated or not recommend to be enabled
    * set_include_path() allows setting additional paths
    * high level URL rewriting check, instead of checking PHP configuration variables it actually performs a real test with test rules (.htaccess and web.config for Apache and IIS respectively)

    You can find and download the checker on github here: https://github.com/halkyon/silverstripe-reqchecker

    Feel free to test and provide any feedback. If you're keen, fork it on github and change things.


  • silverstriker
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    Re: SilverStripe Requirements Checker Link to this post

    Great idea.
    Unfortunately, the link to github is broken.


  • Sean
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    Re: SilverStripe Requirements Checker Link to this post

    Sorry, link fixed ;-)

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