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  • Nobrainer Web
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    Quadra Hosting and permission issues Link to this post


    Just moved a copy of a working SS 2.4.5 site to Quadra Hosting (http://www.quadrahosting.com.au/) and now i simply cannot make the Asset Admin behave as intended.

    My problems are:
    Uploading af file gives me [Warning] chmod(): Operation not permitted
    I'm using this fix http://open.silverstripe.org/attachment/ticket/5547/2.4.1-FileUpload-2.diff to get passed the invalid file for upload error.
    (If i leave out the chmod part, the file is uploaded and can be choosen and used in the CMS)

    Creating folder, gives Error creating folder, no further info.
    Folder is actually created, but will not be visible in asset admin untill you do a manualy sync

    Can someone help me find a solution to this?

    Support at the host says everything is standard, and should be working - well it does not and i have never had these problems before.
    If there is no fix this host should be removed from recommended hosts.

    Do you know a host that will run Silverstripe with no issues? please post here thank you.

  • Nobrainer Web
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    Re: Quadra Hosting and permission issues Link to this post

    After some help at IRC from mobiusnz, i have it working. (Thank you!)

    Simply removing the CHMOD calls will make the system run.
    Files that was changed:
    Line 596 off cms/assetadmin //chmod($p->FullPath, Filesystem::$file_create_mask);

    and also the one added from the patch in sapphire/filesystem/Folder.php around line 250
    //chmod("$base/$file$ext", Filesystem::$file_create_mask);

    There are still periodic notices of permisson problems in my tmp folder though, but this is related to using a custom TMP folder i guess.



  • martimiz
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    Re: Quadra Hosting and permission issues Link to this post

    [EDIT] - oops, wrong post, sorry...

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