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  • Radon
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    Configurable requireDefaultRecords Link to this post

    We have developed a couple of sites on the SilverStripe CMS and have developed quite a few modules where we need to populate the database with default records.

    Most of the sites we are setting up are migrations of existing sites, where we don't want to create the default SiteTree and error page records defined in SiteTree::requireDefaultRecords and ErrorPage::requireDefaultRecords. We can specify dont_populate=1 either in sake or through the web dev/build?dont_populate=1, but that suppresses all default record creation.

    Is there any way to configure the population, or does anyone have an idea on how to solve this problem?

    Can I for example do a dev/build?target=<DataObjectName> in order to build a specific table?

    I made an effort to solve this through decorators ( http://open.silverstripe.org/ticket/4797 ), but that was not well perceived, and I agree with ajshort that it might be overkill.

  • Mo
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    Re: Configurable requireDefaultRecords Link to this post

    I would love to know an answer to this too. I would really like to suppress the default records for SiteTree so I create my own site structure, either under Page::requireDefaultRecords or possibly as a build task (although these might not support this, haven't tried yet).



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