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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • nuker669
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    files and images newfolder problem Link to this post

    I've installed silverstripe on the same server several times (different sites) and this is the first time i've had this problem.

    when installing 2.3.6 i unrar to my ftp client (firefox) and it uploads to my server
    i follow the install process and everything installs fine. i can create the website.

    i came across a problem when i access the Files and Images in admin
    I click on Uploads and create a sub folder
    it creates a name called NewFolder
    When I try to rename it to anything else I receive an "Error saving content" message.
    When I attempt to upload an image file it appears to upload, but the file list displays "newFile" but no extension.
    I cannot access this file when going to add it from the content editor.
    When I go back to Files and images to browse the assets, it is gone. Only the "NewFolder" appears.

    The folder permissions are set at 777 for assets/uploads as per install messages.

    What is going on here? Again, first time in about 5 silverstripe installations.


  • Sean
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    Re: files and images newfolder problem Link to this post

    Have you tried using the Firebug extension to Firefox to find out what the error was? "Error saving content" will always appear, but the full error can be grabbed by enabling Firebug extension in Firefox for your SS site, and watching what happens in the console.

  • nuker669
    Community Member
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    Re: files and images newfolder problem Link to this post

    Turns out it is a safe_mode issue in php.ini. make sure it is off!

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