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  • gaston
    Community Member
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    sqlite based install Link to this post

    Dear All,
    has anyone managed to install silverstripe with sqlite?
    I followed the instructions on the sqlite (http://doc.silverstripe.org/modules:sqlite) on a fresh install. New install on Windows Vista using WAMP, test installation with default silverstripe and MySQL works
    Now trying sqlite ...

    Option 1: Installer
    - installed silverstripe 2.3.7
    - installed sqlite module latest trunk
    - run http://localhost/test/install.php
    -> there is no way to "choose sqlite from list of DB adapters"
    -> MySQL is the db, no choice

    - downloaded sqlite3-trunk-r102974.tar.gz and copied into folder sqlite on top level
    - modifed _config.php
    - run http://localhost/test/dev/build
    ->Fatal error: Class 'SS_Database' not found in C:\opt\wamp\www\test\sqlite3\code\SQLite3Database.php on line 8

    after Option 2 activities, the CMS was not working anymore, even after removing the changes in _config.php

    I think, there is no use in trying Option 3 ...

    If anyone has managed to get silverstripe to run with sqlite, I would like to know how to do an installation on a blank environment as for the moment it doesn't look like it is working from scratch

    Ciao, Mathias

  • ajshort
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    Re: sqlite based install Link to this post

    Any of the database abstraction stuff requires 2.4.

  • gaston
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    Re: sqlite based install Link to this post

    you only read what you want to read.... although it is the first topic on the requirements list, I overlooked it.

    I installed the rc1 of version 2.4 and it worked flawlessly.

    Thanks for the quick reply!


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