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  • servalman
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    very frustrating upload problem Link to this post


    I was very happy to try 2.4 rc1 release but unfortunatly I get stuck somewhere along :

    I can't upload anything via the upload sytem I get the message 'not a valid file..'

    It works fine with 2.37 and the file i'm using is a simple 24Ko jpg .

    I have been reading forums about security groups and all that but no clue

    please help

    Thank you

  • servalman
    Community Member
    211 Posts

    Re: very frustrating upload problem Link to this post


    This is what I did to try to solve problem :

    checked if safe mode was off
    checked if upload limit was not to low.

    I set dev mode on + firebug and this the error I get
    It tells me also taht this in UploadForm.php

    Couldn't run query: SELECT "Member"."ClassName", "Member"."Created", "Member"."LastEdited", "Member"."FirstName", "Member"."Surname", "Member"."Email", "Member"."Password", "Member"."RememberLoginToken", "Member"."NumVisit", "Member"."LastVisited", "Member"."Bounced", "Member"."AutoLoginHash", "Member"."AutoLoginExpired", "Member"."PasswordEncryption", "Member"."Salt", "Member"."PasswordExpiry", "Member"."LockedOutUntil", "Member"."Locale", "Member"."FailedLoginCount", "Member"."BlacklistedEmail", "Member"."ID", CASE WHEN "Member"."ClassName" IS NOT NULL THEN "Member"."ClassName" ELSE 'Member' END AS "RecordClassName" FROM "Member" WHERE ("Member"."ID" = 1) ORDER BY "Surname", "FirstName" LIMIT 1 Unknown column 'Member.BlacklistedEmail' in 'field list'

    parent is null
    [Break on this error] parent.document.getElementById('sit...ame('a')[0].className += ' contents';

    If anyone can help me it would be great


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