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  • matawdrous
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    I iam new ,from Egypt Link to this post

    Hi Girls and Guys
    iam new to silverstripe ,although i have a wordpress site which focused on weight loss diet
    what i would to ask all of your silverstripe experts is ,What are the advantage of using silverstripe would be ?
    feedback would be welcomed and thanks for helping

  • earleysc
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    Re: I iam new ,from Egypt Link to this post

    I am far from a SilverStripe expert, but here are the reasons I chose it over other open source CMS frameworks for the news site I'm building for a grad school project:

    * Balance of customization and ease of use. I could be wrong because I've never played with these other CMSs, only researched them, but it seems simpler to develop with than Drupal or even WordPress but not as constraining as Joomla or others.

    * How it separates development from design. Coders can be coders. Designers can be designers. Or, people doing solo projects like me don't have to think about both at once.

    * SilverStripe is very easy to extend -- even if you're not an expert developer. There are dozens of modules and widgets available on the SilverStripe.Org you can add to your site by downloading and placing their folder in your site root.

    * The availability of the SilverStripe book. Having the background information about the CMS and practical examples packaged the way they are in the book proved to be a lot more pleasant and time-saving way of accessing the information than clicking through page after page of Web tutorials and documentation, though, as I've been building, I've been using those and have found them helpful as well.

    * From an affective standpoint, I liked how SilverStripe seemed to be an up-and-comer in the CMS world and to have some momentum and sense of community behind it.

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