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    'Files and Images' list missing icons Link to this post

    Hi. I'm trying to solve a problem where the icons are no longer showing for a list of files when viewing 'Files and Images' (i.e. 'drag' icon to left of file listing, and edit, delete icons to the right of file - see attached image) and I would appreciate any help. The sequence of events that lead to this are as follows:

    1. installed gallery module (by Josh)
    2. somewhere along the way confused the install instructions with the 'image gallery' by Uncle Cheese and ended up installing DataObjectManager and swfUploadField as well, which I don't think are required with Josh's module (from the documentation at least)

    So at this point installed modules are: gallery module (by Josh), DataObjectManager and swfUploadField

    3. noticed the icons had disappeared from 'Files and Images'. At this stage I'm still following the wrong instructions ('image gallery' by Uncle Cheese) and found the 'ultimate install' page for this module, which pointed out that the folder names for DataObjectManager and swfUploadField need to be correct.
    4. renamed the folder names but still no icons

    My options as I see them are as follows:
    1. uninstall the DataObjectManager and swfUploadField modules, since not required - can't find any instructions on how to do this
    2. attempt to fix the problem - so far all atempts at finding cause of problem have failed, also can't find anything in forum
    3. delete website and start again (NOT my preferred option , since other than this, the website is complete)

    Any ideas/pointers appreciated. BTW, you may have guessed by now, this is my first Silverstripe website (but other than this issue, it's been pretty straightforward and a great experience).


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  • Trafford
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    Re: 'Files and Images' list missing icons Link to this post

    No takers?

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