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  • Worp
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    [User Error] Bad class to singleton() - PageKarriere Link to this post

    Hey guys,

    I did a fresh install on a webserver that is not my own. Now I get the problem "[User Error] Bad class to singleton() - PageKarriere" when accessing the /admin panel (via silverstripe/index.php/admin because i do not have mod_rewrite on the server).
    Note: PageKarriere is a page type i have customized for the website.

    Now when i delete the custom page types and leave only the "page.ss" in /mysite/code, everything works fine. But as soon as i add one of the custom pages (which already work on another webserver and on my localhost), i get the bad class to singleton() error again.
    Can anyone explain the function singleton() to me and maybe what the problem is?

    On the forums i only found "not really" related topics, which all describe a different problem which cause the singleton() error.
    Find the full error code below.

    I know that this is probably a very easy problem, but i am just not seeing the solution ^^

    Thanks in advance for all answers i get =)

    Kindest Regards,

    [User Error] Bad class to singleton() - PageKarriere
    GET /silverstripe/index.php/admin

    Line 334 in /www/test.ceceka.de/htdocs/silverstripe/sapphire/core/Core.php

    325 *
    326 * @param string $className
    327 * @return Object
    328 */
    329 function singleton($className) {
    330    global $_SINGLETONS;
    331    if(!isset($className)) user_error("singleton() Called without a class", E_USER_ERROR);
    332    if(!is_string($className)) user_error("singleton() passed bad class_name: " . var_export($className,true), E_USER_ERROR);
    333    if(!isset($_SINGLETONS[$className])) {
    334     if(!class_exists($className)) user_error("Bad class to singleton() - $className", E_USER_ERROR);
    335       $_SINGLETONS[$className] = Object::strong_create($className,null, true);
    336       if(!$_SINGLETONS[$className]) user_error("singleton() Unknown class '$className'", E_USER_ERROR);
    337    }
    338    return $_SINGLETONS[$className];
    339 }


    * Bad class to singleton() - PageKarriere
    Line 334 of Core.php
    * singleton(PageKarriere)
    Line 322 of SiteTree.php
    * SiteTree::page_type_classes()
    Line 341 of CMSMain.php
    * CMSMain->PageTypes()
    Line 1188 of CMSMain.php
    * CMSMain->AddPageOptionsForm()
    Line 369 of ViewableData.php
    * ViewableData->obj(AddPageOptionsForm)
    Line 45 of .cache.www.test.ceceka.de.htdocs.silverstripe.cms.templates.Includes.CMSMain_left.ss
    * include(/www/test.ceceka.de/htdocs/silverstripe/silverstripe-cache/.cache.www.test.ceceka.de.htdocs.silverstripe.cms.templates.Includes.CMSMain_left.ss)
    Line 420 of SSViewer.php
    * SSViewer->process(CMSMain)
    Line 342 of ViewableData.php
    * ViewableData->renderWith(Array)
    Line 481 of LeftAndMain.php
    * LeftAndMain->Left()
    Line 369 of ViewableData.php
    * ViewableData->obj(Left,,,1)
    Line 446 of ViewableData.php
    * ViewableData->XML_val(Left,,1)
    Line 59 of .cache.www.test.ceceka.de.htdocs.silverstripe.cms.templates.LeftAndMain.ss
    * include(/www/test.ceceka.de/htdocs/silverstripe/silverstripe-cache/.cache.www.test.ceceka.de.htdocs.silverstripe.cms.templates.LeftAndMain.ss)
    Line 420 of SSViewer.php
    * SSViewer->process(CMSMain)
    Line 202 of Controller.php
    * Controller->handleAction(SS_HTTPRequest)
    Line 137 of RequestHandler.php
    * RequestHandler->handleRequest(SS_HTTPRequest)
    Line 147 of Controller.php
    * Controller->handleRequest(SS_HTTPRequest)
    Line 281 of Director.php
    * Director::handleRequest(SS_HTTPRequest,Session)
    Line 124 of Director.php
    * Director::direct(admin)
    Line 127 of main.php
    * require_once(/www/test.ceceka.de/htdocs/silverstripe/sapphire/main.php)
    Line 63 of index.php

  • Sean
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    Re: [User Error] Bad class to singleton() - PageKarriere Link to this post

    If you add or remove a class you need to run ?flush=all in the URL for the class manifest to be reloaded.

    If you're adding or removing a class which requires database tables or columns, it's best to run dev/build?flush=all so the database is rebuilt as well as the class manifest.


  • Worp
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    Re: [User Error] Bad class to singleton() - PageKarriere Link to this post

    Ah, i am sorry. I did not mention that. I did flush the database with /dev/build?flush=1 aswell as /dev/build?flush=all.
    But as I did it again just now, to be sure, i now get another problem:

    Website Error
    There has been an error

    The website server has not been able to respond to your request.

    How do i get more information about the problem? (Developer Mode?)

    When i delete the custom pages and flush the database mit /dev/build?flush=all, i do not get an error when accessing the silverstripe/index.php/admin panel. However the Panel does not load anymore. There is just the screen "Loading...Welcome to Silverstripe now Loading" (see attachement). I had this problem before the problem "bad class to singleton()" but simply because I entered "silverstripe/admin" instead of "silverstripe/index.php/admin". But now I am typing in the correct URL and i get the loading screen.


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  • Worp
    Community Member
    11 Posts

    Re: [User Error] Bad class to singleton() - PageKarriere Link to this post


    It's me again. Any chance of getting an answer to this?
    I could really need the help and i still can't get it fixed.

    Kindest Regards,

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