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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • haiduong87
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    I have some questions Link to this post

    1. I've download this silverstripe package from http://silverstripe.org/stable-download/ (http://silverstripe.org/assets/downloads/SilverStripe-v2.4.2.tar.gz). Is this right with this package (please take a loot at the first attached image)?
    1.1 If I use this package to install, I will get this error:
    File permissions 2 Failed and 0 Warnings
    + mysite/ folder exists?    There's no mysite folder. (file 'D:\wamp\www\silverstripe2\mysite' not found)
    + Is the mysite/_config.php file writeable?   The webserver user needs to be able to write to this file:"D:\wamp\www\silverstripe2\mysite\_config.php"
    1.2 If I create "mysite" folder, I will get this error:
    "Fatal error: Class 'Page' not found in D:\wamp\www\silverstripe2\sapphire\core\model\VirtualPage.php on line 8" (second attached image)

    2. My friend told me that's something was wrong with my downloaded package, he sent me his package. As you see the folders in his package are different with mine (third attached image)
    2.1 And If I use his package to install. I can install successfully, but after a few seconds (to redirect to my site), I get this error (4th attached image)

    Please help me. My OS is windows 7 32 bit, I'm using lastest wampserver and I've enabled this "LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so"

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  • Willr
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    Re: I have some questions Link to this post

    Hi haiduong87, Welcome to the forums.

    Regarding your first image (http://silverstripe.org/assets/Uploads/question1.jpg) that appears it extracted incorrectly as it is missing the mysite folder. The stable download should contain mysite which contains the _config file and the default Page.php file. That would be why his package worked. Not sure how you got that incorrect one.

    The template issue (http://silverstripe.org/assets/Uploads/question21.png). For some reason the application cannot find the template files so check the permissions on that file to make sure your webserver can read the files and reload the page with a ?flush=all on the end of the url.

  • haiduong87
    Community Member
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    Re: I have some questions Link to this post

    Hi Willr.

    Thank you very much. I installed successfully. The first problem caused by using Winrar to unzip the package.

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