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  • nicitainment
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    Problem with uploading Pictures and TLD Access to a subfolder Link to this post

    Hello everyone ... happy new Year 2011!

    I have 2 Problems i really need some help with. Hope you can help me!!!

    ############ Problem No 1
    I have a big problem with uploading Pictures. After i uploaded them correctly over the backend, i can see that they are correctly in the Folder, but i can not show them on a page or even in the Backend Dialog. I had the idea it could be some problem with the .htaccess File, so i deleted the .htaccess File in the asset Folder. Now all the Pictures (.jpg) are working fine. But for security reasons i need to fix the .htaccess File in the correct way ... but i don't know how ...

    ############ Problem No 2
    I have a Shared Hosting Package and some TLD-Domains. Now i have this TLD called http://www.nicitainment.biz and in the Setup of my Shared Hosting Package i setup a forwarding path. The absolute path of my wwwroot is http://125892.webhosting37.1blu.de/ and the Silverstripe System is installed under the Folder /nicitainment. So the absolute path is: http://125892.webhosting37.1blu.de/nicitainment/

    When i access the absolute path everything works fine. But when i try to access the System via the TLD www.nicitainment.biz i always get an "500 INTERNAL SERVOR ERROR". I also deleted the .htaccess File in this case just for testing reasing and now i can access the Silverstripe System. How do i have to edit the .htaccess Files (all those Files even in the subdirectories or in modules like BLOG) that i can access via the TLD without having security or other problems ... please help me!!!

    Both problems are with Silverstripe v.2.4.3 ... is this something which is fixed in v.2.4.4
    Everything is standard exept some Theme Editing and this line which i added to the mysite/_config.php for another bugfix:

    Thank you so much! I would be great if someone can help me!

    Best Regards
    Nicolas Funke

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