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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • Tristan
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    1st post, please help - I've never been able to use admin Link to this post

    Hi, this is my post, I really want to use and evaluate Silverstripe but I just can't get the admin working, ever.

    I've experienced the following same issues attempting to use versions 2.4.4 & 2.4.5 of Silverstripe and have yet to be able to setup my first site using the CMS.

    I'm running Win Vista with WAMP 2.0 (Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.2.9, mySQL 5.1.32) and never had issues with non-CMS sites or when evaluating Joomla etc.

    When I install Silverstripe I always get the following:
    I am now running through the installation steps (this should take about 30 seconds)

    If you receive a fatal error, refresh this page to continue the installation

    * Setting up 'mysite/_config.php'...
    * Setting up D:\Documents\projects\silverstripe\mysite/_config.php
    * Setting up '.htaccess' file...
    * Setting up D:\Documents\projects\silverstripe\.htaccess
    * Building database schema...
    * Checking that friendly URLs work...
    * Friendly URLs are not working. This is most likely because a rewrite module isn't configured correctly on your site. You may need to get your web host or server administrator to do this for you:
    o mod_rewrite or other rewrite module is enabled on your web server
    o AllowOverride All is set for the directory where SilverStripe is installed

    I assume the above screen means it has finished installing as nothing else then happens?

    When I then go to the admin, I have always had the following happen:

    1. 'Loading...' shown at top of screen
    2. A fraction (cropped text) of the admin links displayed at the bottom left of the screen, no styling, very obviously broken appearance.

    3. The following JS errors in the Firefox error console: Behaviour not defined (lines 468, 563, 619, 636, 698), which relate to the following:
    'Behaviour.register({ ... ... ... ...' x 4

    I see the same in Firefox, IE8 and Chrome. I have flushed pages, reinstalled Silverstripe numerous times, change files permissions of all files in my '/silverstripe/' folder so that all system users have full control to all of the files, I've added 'Requirements::set_combined_files_enabled(false);' to my site's _config.php file and checked script memory allocation in my php.ini file: memory_limit = 128M

    Apologies for going OTT on the detail but I thought it might help someone to diagnose the issue?

    MANY thanks in advance for any help provided.

  • ajshort
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    Re: 1st post, please help - I've never been able to use admin Link to this post


    It sounds like for some reason one of the JS files SilverStripe uses can't be loaded. Can you open up the net tab on firebug, and see if any requests are made to sapphire/thirdparty/behaviour/behaviour.js? If there are some, they're probably erroring out, and the error response might tell you what's wrong.

    Also check for other 404/500 responses in the loaded JS.

  • Tristan
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    Re: 1st post, please help - I've never been able to use admin Link to this post

    Thanks for that. Yep Firebug highlighted dodgy paths when the CMS attempted to access umerous scripts etc.

    It looks like it is a path related issue as after searching high and low on the forum I added the following to my '_config.php file': Director::setBaseURL('/'); ...which enables the homepage to now load styling and all. Unfortunately '/admin' doesn't work and I have to manually amend the URL to: http://localhost:88/index.php/admin/

    I've just played with Allowoverride in apache conf, undone the other changes I made and now all is working well.

    Thanks for the help.

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