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  • RyanBates
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    SQL Server 2005 Link to this post

    Hi - I am new to Silverstripe.

    Can I install on SQL Server 2005? All documentation I've read so far note SQL 2008, but in my company that is not immediately possible.



  • Willr
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    Re: SQL Server 2005 Link to this post

    I haven't tried it myself on anything earlier than 2008. I know most of the windows work is done testing on 2008 rather than 2005. It may work but I wouldn't be 100% confident, hopefully someone with more experience can weight in but other than that I would recommend trying it and seeing what walls you hit.

  • Sean
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    Re: SQL Server 2005 Link to this post

    Hi RyanBates,

    We have not tested the MSSQL database module with SQL 2005. You could give it a go, but it's likely it won't work because the connector relies on features only available in SQL 2008. I know there are missing things like the "date" data type in SQL 2005 that may be problematic.

    The SilverStripe MSSQL database module has only been known to work on SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Azure.

    That said, give it a go and see what comes up, we might be able to help you patch the code to make it work to a limited degree.


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