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    Pre-installation problems: with GD2 library and support Link to this post


    I wanted to try SilverStripe and know some PHP and JavaScript but I'm more designer than web developer. I slowly worked for each requirements for 9 hours, searched forum and google. There are two problems I didn't find answer to:
    First one is about GD2.
    "GD support for PHP not included."
    - I have gd2.dll in PHP/ext
    - enabled gd2.dll in php.ini in PHP folder and even - after some reading - copied php.ini to Apache/bin

    There is no gd2 in phpinfo, but I don't know if it's supposed to be.

    Windows 7 Home
    PHP 5.3.5 for Windows (it's called php-5.3.5-Win32-VC6-x86)
    Apache 2.2
    Mysql 5.5 (64x)

    Can someone give me the littlest clue about what may be wrong?

    Second one is about support database in PHP. I am still working on it. Can I ask it? I do know it's not strictly SS problem.

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