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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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    Installing on IIS 2003 with Helicon Ape Link to this post

    I have installed everything include a demo version of Helicon Ape and I believe I have configured it correctly for this site. However, during the final steps of the installation, I got a message to the effect that SS couldn't determine how to re-write files. Before finishing the install, I gave full rewrite permissions to the ISUR, then tightened them up again. I understand I should give write permissions to "assets." I will do so when I have heard back from you.

    I am getting error on this page....it can't find the Css files, but then it can in a second attempt. The app is very sluggish. I have removed the install.php as per the instructions. Please can you check my installation:


    There are three errors on this page....?

    Is my helicon ape running correctly?

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